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    Ladies and Gentlemen
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    Hello all

    Lovers of excellence ... lovers of challenge .. lovers of editing

    I present you with a special competition


    Best Video Clip


    Explain the contest
    • very simple : Just shoot your best game clips in servers :)

    Contest Terms

    • The video does not exceed 1.30 minutes.
    • The video must be made by the member itself.
    • The contest will be monthly.
    • Send video to OR my skype .
    • There will be a list of the top ten.
    • Who won first and second place, will get a king's rank for one month only.
    • You must compete with others the next month so you do not lose rank.
    • The top ten will join the competition ICw .
    • A message will be posted in all servers, the first winner and the second winner with the video link.
    The moderator of the contest is : Maz iigh :thumbsup:
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